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05/02/19 04:27 UTC-5

Cryptocurrency exchange rate for gold and 40 new CFD-pairs: B2Broker announced the expansion

Cryptocurrency exchange rate for gold and 40 new CFD-pairs: B2Broker announced the expansion
B2Broker liquidity provider announced the expansion

B2Broker's global crypto-sphere liquidityLiquidity
– is a term that means the ability to sell any financial assets (below or above the market price). The term “liquidity” in Latin means “liquid”, “flowing”.Details
provider has increased the list of CFD-pairs by almost 40 new points.

On February 5, B2Broker, an international liquidity provider, reported that it can now provide data on popular cryptocurrency rates for national fiats. Also, on the website "www.b2broker.net" there is information about the possibility to view the rates of crypto-assets calculated for gold or silver.

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B2Broker – liquidity provider

Recall that as an official liquidity provider, the company has been providing all liquid types through margin accounts and connection methods for several years: CFD, Forex and Crypto. Over the past six months, B2Broker has noticeably shifted the emphasis of its work towards crypto. As you know, this is the first liquidity provider that began to deliver aggregated cryptocurrency liquidity via B2BX.

On the morning of February 5, the liquidity provider announced the expansion of the cryptocurrency list, as well as 40 new pairs. According to the report, now the company's customers have access to pairs of main cryptocurrencies (BTC, XRP, etc.) against national currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP.

Also, B2Broker liquidity provider focused on precious metals. Today such pairs of BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP and BCH to XAG (silver) and XAU (gold) have become available. CEO of B2Broker, Arthur Azizov, during a conference call, announced that the company is planning another significant expansion soon. B2Broker is going to expand the liquidity pool by another 250 tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
pairs. Among which there will be a liquidity indicator: crypto to crypto, and crypto to goods.

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B2Broker announced the expansion of pairs: crypto to gold and 40 new CFDs. Also, besides expanding the list of trading pairs, the company’s website published information on increasing the leverage for crypto CFD to 1:5.

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21/02/19 11:56 UTC-5

Crypto to Fiat without verification, or MyEtherWallet new features

​MyEtherWallet cryptocurrency wallet presented a new service for instant conversion of crypto to fiat without a verification process. The innovation was announced on February 20 on the official blog of the wallet and on the representative page in Medium.

20/02/19 11:20 UTC-5

Bitcoin-ETF – SEC has 45 days to make a decision

​For the SEC, a countdown has begun. Commissioners must make a final decision about Bitcoin-ETF in the next 45 days. The US Securities and Exchange Commission must decide on the status of BTC-ETF for three companies by April 5 of this year.

27/12/18 10:00 UTC-5

Official Litecoin Foundation will sponsor UFC title fight

​According to an announcement on litecoin foundation.org, published on December 26, the Litecoin Foundation will sponsor a mixed martial arts (MMA) title fight of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) association in North America – as reported by the CoinTelegraph information source.

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