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Facebook has been listening to anonymous voice messages on the network

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Facebook listened to anonymous voice messages

Yesterday, on August 13, it became known that Facebook has been listening to and decrypting all anonymous voice messages. Bloomberg reported that the company did it to allegedly improve the operational capacity of its artificial intelligence network.


Facebook: Pros and Cons of Anonymity

Facebook is set to launch its own anonymous cryptocurrency network by early 2020. At the same time, violations of the anonymity rights of the users are still observed on the social network. Earlier, it became known that the company disclosed information about registered people to law enforcement agencies. Now, it is clear that Facebook employees listened to their customers' voice messages.

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According to the information from Bloomberg, listening to messages stopped a few weeks ago and was just a necessity for training services of artificial intelligence. However, the company that intends to work with anonymous payments already gave itself a bad name among its future customers. Besides, there is no mention of being able to listen to other people's messages in Facebook's privacy policy. So, Facebook has broken its own rules. There is no guarantee that the company will not do it again with the Libra crypto project.

Facebook has listened to anonymous voice messages on the network. Let us remind you that on July 24, Mark Zuckerberg said that the Libra cryptocurrency project will be definitely launched. The head of Facebook also pointed out possible delays in the launch.

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