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14/06/19 05:01 UTC-4

Cryptocurrency united Facebook company with Uber, PayPal and Mastercard

Facebook has united with Uber, PayPal and Mastercard due to cryptocurrency
Facebook has united with Uber, PayPal and Mastercard due to cryptocurrency

On June 14th, it was reported that Facebook had gained the support of large firms to promote and implement their future cryptocurrency. Fb's alleged partners are Uber, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Booking.com. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.


Facebook collaboration

Before releasing cryptocurrency to the market, Facebook decided to enlist the support of large companies. According to the information, the above-mentioned firms will not only accept cryptocurrency from Fb, but also become investors of this asset.

As stated in The Wall Street Journal, the consortium of the future cryptocurrency includes more than a dozen companies, the exact names of which have not yet been disclosed. Entry investment for participation in the Consortium of ten million dollars and above.

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In addition, it became known that the Libra cryptocurrency exchange rate will not be tied to digital assets but will guarantee the stability of a basket of fiat funds on your Facebook account. According to the developers, this will help to avoid high volatilityVolatility
– is a financial term that means a statistical indicator of price change. In the cryptocurrency world, it is used by traders as an indicator for managing financial risks. That is, it is a measure of trade risk and as a financial analytical tool for gambling. Details

Also, in The Wall Street Journal it is said that Uber, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Booking.com companies will accept Libra stablecoin immediately after its launch. Thus, the cryptocurrency will immediately become an effective means for booking accommodation, paying for transportation services and will be stored on debit cards from Mastercard, Visa.

Cryptocurrency united Facebook company with Uber, PayPal and Mastercard. Recall that more than 100 employees of the company are working on the creation of stablecoin.

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24/06/19 05:26 UTC-4

20 years in prison for the Coin Drop Markets financial pyramid

​In the evening, on June 21st, the organizer of the financial cryptocurrency pyramid, Patrick McDonnell, pleaded guilty in a court in the Eastern District of New York. The fraud called Coin Drop Markets has collected more than 200 thousand US dollars from investors.

22/06/19 05:00 UTC-4

Binance Charity Foundation equipped solar panels in Uganda

​On June 21, Binance Charity Foundation announced that it had supplied solar panels and school materials to 15 schools in Uganda. For the charity event, $170,000 were used, raised as part of the first annual Binance Poker Charity Cup organized by TronBet.

19/06/19 04:23 UTC-4

Hacker attacks suspended the work of the National Bank of Ukraine

​Today (June 19), the official website of the National Bank of Ukraine has been subjected to a series of hacker attacks. According to information on Facebook, the electronic payment system has not suffered, but external DDoS attacks have disabled the site of the National Bank.

18/06/19 06:00 UTC-4

HTC has negatively commented on Facebook cryptocurrency

​Today, June 18, the manufacturer of the world’s first blockchain phone, HTC EXODUS, commented negatively on the creation of the Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency. According to the report, cryptocurrencies issued by consortia will not be able to compete with decentralized Bitcoin.

12/06/19 08:10 UTC-4

Half a million dollars in Bitcoins for charity from BCF

Today it was reported that the Binance Charity platform has already collected about half a million dollars. According to the data, the charity foundation uses the funds collected for the program to help starving children, "Binance Lunch for Children", and support sufferers in Malta.

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