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09/06/19 05:00 UTC-4

New investment fund worth $ 100 million

Creating an investment firm
Creating an investment firm

According to Bloomberg, Darma Capital, a $ 100 million new investment firm, is opening up for investors who want to buy digital assets, such as Ether.


Darma Capital new investment fund

Darma makes big bets on cryptocurrencies, because its flagship fund is an ether-focused portfolio with managed digital assets worth $ 100 million. The goal is to continue to accumulate Ether at 1% of the fund's assets per month.

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Andrew Keese, managing member of Darma and one of the first employees of ConsenSys, added that such like Ether are ready for 10-year growth and his company plans to add similar funds for Bitcoins in the future.

Opening a new investment firm for $ 100 million. Founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin: "I expect that the new role of Andrew in DARMA will allow him to continue his work to strengthen communication and cohesion in our system."

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12/06/19 08:10 UTC-4

Half a million dollars in Bitcoins for charity from BCF

Today it was reported that the Binance Charity platform has already collected about half a million dollars. According to the data, the charity foundation uses the funds collected for the program to help starving children, "Binance Lunch for Children", and support sufferers in Malta.

21/02/19 09:56 UTC-4

Crypto to Fiat without verification, or MyEtherWallet new features

​MyEtherWallet cryptocurrency wallet presented a new service for instant conversion of crypto to fiat without a verification process. The innovation was announced on February 20 on the official blog of the wallet and on the representative page in Medium.

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