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04/06/19 05:27 UTC-4

TRON CEO paid $ 4.57 million for lunch with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun paid $ 4.57 million for lunch with Buffett
Justin Sun paid $ 4.57 million for lunch with Buffett

Today, on the 4th of June, an article appeared on the TRON information site about the benefits of the dinner of the company's CEO, Justin Sun, with a famous businessman and entrepreneur Warren Buffett.


Charity dinner of the Sun and Buffett

As stated yesterday, TRON's CEO, Justin Sun, won a charity auction, the main prize of which was dinner with Warren Buffett. The auction was held in the framework of the 20th anniversary of eBay.

As it became known, Sun had to pay a record amount – 4,567,888 US dollars to win the auction. The paid money will go to charity, or rather will be made to the Warren Buffett Foundation to support the homeless and the hungry. Immediately after the end of the auction, all the proceeds were transferred to the non-profit GLIDE foundation, which provides for the homeless in San Francisco.

Buffett Lunch Auction is an annual competition that has been running since eBay was founded. That is, for the past twenty years. The cryptocurrency community reacted quite ambiguously to the news of Sanah’s dinner for several reasons. Firstly, Buffett is known as the "enemy" of Bitcoin and digital money, and secondly, the cost of dinner turned out to be "too big."

"The annual auction of Buffett is a worthy reason to spend money. Absolutely all the money paid will be used to support the 50-year project of the GLIDE Foundation to help homeless people in need of San Francisco." – Justin Sun.

TRON's CEO paid $ 4.57 million to dine with Warren Buffett. Recall that on April 7, San spoke about the possible cooperation of his company with the Ethereum platform.

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12/06/19 08:10 UTC-4

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