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Binance announces a third project to be launched on Launchpad

The third Binance Launchpad project
The third Binance Launchpad project

Binance announced the third project and the launch of the tokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
, which starts on the Binance Launchpad – the message was posted on the exchange twitter.

The sale of CELR tokens will begin on March 19, 2019, at 14:00 (UTC) and will have only one session, and the only accepted currency is Binance Coin (BNB). The sale will last until March 24, 2019, 14:00 (UTC).

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The sale price of the public token for 1 CELR will be $ 0.0067, BNB prices will be set on the day of sale.

According to the detailed Binance report about the project on the official site, the Celer Network is a scalable, level 2 platform that provides fast, simple, and secure offline transactions for payments and generic smart-contracts outside the retail chain. The Celer network also has zero transactionTransaction
– is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out completely. Details
fees for smart-contracts, scales horizontally when additional nodes are connected, and has already reached a 10,000-fold reduction in transaction latency.


Launchpad Projects

Binance has developed a new Initial coin offering by creating Launchpad, a platform where individual projects can sell their tokens.

Earlier this year, BitTorrent with TRON support (BTT) was the first project launched on Launchpad, earning $ 7 million in less than 20 minutes. The second launch was even more successful: Fetch.AI (FET) sold tokens for $ 6 million in just 22 seconds last month.

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Binance announced a third project to be launched on Launchpad. There is a huge demand for projects launched on Launchpad, and the sale of new tokens will begin in March. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced the launch of another project in March. In January, Binance announced that it plans to launch one token every month.

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