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DeleteCoinbase: customers are massively leaving the stock-exchange due to "dubious collaboration"

DeleteCoinbase, exchange customers quit due to
DeleteCoinbase, exchange customers quit due to "dubious collaboration"

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange expects mass user exits. A movement called DeleteCoinbase is being deployed among world traders. The departure of users is linked from the collaboration of the American exchange with the Neutrino dubious project.

DeleteCoinbase is a new popular movement in the crypto-community that evolved due to the purchase of the Italian Neutrino startup. In February of this year, the cryptocurrency exchange announced the purchase of a startup that is known for its hostile relationship to cryptocurrencies. As Cryptobit.Media already reported, Coinbase acquired Neutrino startup for blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
analytics and expanding the range of services provided.

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If you look at the situation in more detail, you can see a lot of "pitfalls". For example, the Neutrino startup was repeatedly harassed by anti-cryptocurrency comments and actions. The most important role for the development of the DeleteCoinbase movement was played by the fact that the project team had previously collaborated with some "dictatorial" currents.


Neutrino and Coinbase – why do traders leave the stock-exchange?

On the official website of a startup, information is available on all the services offered. Among the list of proposals can be found very unexpected. For example, Neutrino cooperates with law enforcement agencies to track information and develop proprietary software for tracking cryptocurrency flows.

The two most popular products that the startup has become famous for: XFlow nSpect and XFlow nSight. If you read the description, the data software - tools for monitoring and tracking cryptocurrency flows, as well as blockchains. Traders who are "under the flags" of the DeleteCoinbase hashtags claim that Neutrino products are "what threatens the principles of crypto decentralization." Representatives of the exchange explained this strange collaboration by saying that the previous service provider "was selling customer data to marketing companies." However, this explanation did not improve the situation with users...

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Previous analytics provider for Coinbase and Neutrino

Today, a mass movement has developed on Twitter. Publications with the DeleteCoinbase hashtag appear more often. However, many say that after the mass withdrawals of customers, the exchange blocked several wallets after requests for the withdrawal of crypto.

"Coinbase analytics providers sold their customer data to others, so they had to hurry up with the acquisition of HackingTeam, which kills activists and so incompetent that they themselves were hacked?! Is this a sad joke? Sorry for your data..."Twitter

The Neutrino provocative project consists of only three programmers who are known in technical circles as the "Hacking Team". The name speaks for itself. Shortly before the re-branding in Neutrino, the developers were engaged in hacking the privacy of user data, and also had close ties with the "shadow business" and marketing research.

DeleteCoinbase, the clients of the exchange are leaving because of "dubious collaboration". Recall that on February 14, Coinbase paid a reward of $ 30,000 in the framework of the "Search for a critical system error" project. These facts: collaboration with a dubious start-up, sales of information by a previous provider, the occurrence of work errors – ultimately led to the DeleteCoinbase movement developing tirelessly and gaining momentum. The Cryptobit.Media editorial closely follows the development of the situation, all the news regarding the work of Coinbase read on our website.

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