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Gemini cryptocurrency exchange cooperates with the Radianz Cloud broker

Gemini's collaboration with the Radianz Cloud broker
Gemini's collaboration with the Radianz Cloud broker

Gemini, the US cryptocurrency exchange, will work with the British Telecommunications (BT) Radianz Cloud brokerage community. On February 27, BT published a press release about the partnership of a crypto-exchange and "cloud service".

Gemini Exchange was founded in 2015 by the Winklevoss brothers. Now, the cryptocurrency platform is working with private traders and institutional investors.

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Gemini and BT Radianz Cloud: Crypto in the Cloud

BT Radianz Cloud is a multinational company that offers security services, as well as cloud and network services.

BT's main business areas are cloud services, contact center improvements, networking and built-in protection.

"This move provides Gemini with access to one of the world's largest secured financial cloud-based communities, which includes thousands of brokers, institutions, exchanges, clearing and settlement houses, and at the same time provides members of our community with access to a growing cryptocurrency market" – from the press release on BT Radianz Cloud website.

The fact that Gemini Crypto-Exchange has joined the broker community of BT Radianz Cloud will help to promote the services and tools of the platform outside the crypto-sphere.

As you know, a brokerage company supports work in more than 50 countries around the world. This in turn will open "global markets" for Gemini. At the same time, all partners of BT Radianz Cloud will also get access to crypto opportunities through the Gemini exchange.

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Gemini crypto-exchange cooperates with the Radianz Cloud brokerage organization. Nick Vigier, Gemini's chief information officer, commented on the partnership, stating that collaboration will help strengthen communication with institutional investors.

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