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Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange closes for technical work

Poloniex crypto-exchange closes for technical work
Poloniex crypto-exchange closes for technical work

Poloniex, the American cryptocurrency platform, announced that it was shutting down for several hours on February 22 in connection with the planned technical work. The Exchange website will stop responding on February 22, at 22:00 UTC. Duration of work – up to 5 hours.

A recess was reported on Twitter Poloniex on February 21. About the exact technical changes on the stock-exchange – was not reported. Among the announced updates are quite abstract "upgrading" and the transition to new data centers. Although the report said that the funds of investors will remain safe.

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Poloniex – closing for technical work

"In an effort to improve your work with Poloniex, we will carry out technical work on Friday, February 22, at 22:00 UTC. We expect it to take several hours. During this time, the site will be unavailable, and tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
will be suspended. Your funds will be safe during maintenance"

Subsequent tweets also said that the exchange uses "this time" to move to new information processing centers. According to reports, this is necessary to improve reliability and speed. Poloniex also hinted at the "modernization" of the exchange.

"(...) we are modernizing our platform so that we can provide the best trading experience"

On Twitter it was reported that previously opened orders will not be affected. However, the exchange during the technical works will operate in the "post" mode. This means that users will not be able to close and open new orders until the resumption of work.

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Poloniex crypto-exchange will be closed for technical work. Recall that this is not the first innovation on the platform for the last month. Last week Poloniex updated the list of coins to exchange. Grin, the coin of "increased security", for which the engineers of the exchange developed two types of different deposits, turned out to be in a new listing. Now, 120 exchange pairs are functioning on the platform.

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