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Binance announced the delisting of five cryptocurrencies

At Binance, 5 crypto coins will be delisted
At Binance, 5 crypto coins will be delisted

Binance, the Shanghai cryptocurrency exchange, reported on the delisting of five crypto-coins. Bidding will be terminated on February 22, 2019, according to the information on the company's official blog.

February 15, Binance announced the imminent termination of cryptocurrency trading: CLOAK (CloakCoin), Modum (MOD), SALT, Substratum (SUB) and WINGS. According to the information in the blog, all trade orders will be automatically deleted after the termination of tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
in each relevant trading pair - February 22 at 10:00 UTC.

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Binance Delisting

Binance Crypto-Exchange was launched in 2017. Already until the middle of 2018, the market reached the TOP5 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of daily trading volume. The company's main office is located in Shanghai, from where all units of the exchanger are regulated.

On the morning of February 15th, Binance published a message about the delisting of CLOAK (CloakCoin), Modum (MOD), SALT, Substratum (SUB) and WINGS Cryptocurrencies.

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In addition, the company said that "if a coin or tokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
does not meet the standard or the industry changes, a more in-depth analysis is carried out and the currency is excluded."

"At Binance, we periodically check every digital asset we offer to make sure it continues to meet the expected high standard level" – support.binance

In a delisting report, the company also listed a number of cryptocurrency requirements that remain on the stock-exchange, and also described its criteria for selecting coins. Among the stated conditions for tokens on Binance were: coin stability, developer responsiveness, reliability, security, customer demand, contribution to the development of a crypto-system and the absence of vulnerabilities.

Binance has reported delisting of five cryptocurrencies. This is not the first big delisting. Back in mid-October last year, the company removed coins from the list of trading pairs: Bytecoin, Iconomi, ChatCoin, and Triggers.

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