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5 cold wallets of QuadrigaCX exchange was revealed

QuadrigaCX five cold wallets
QuadrigaCX five cold wallets

An Internet analyst said he discovered 5 Bitcoin addresses that belonged to the Canadian non-existent QuadrigaCX exchange.

The message of the user, known in the Reddit network as u/dekoze, indicates five addresses allegedly associated with the exchange, and it is noted that this is just a part of the associated wallets.

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"It became known that each address was inactive since April 2018, and most of the BTC received was either from the QCX wallet or from a remote wallet transfer," commented u/dekoze, continuing: "Based on this information, we can confirm: these 5 addresses are part of the QCX cold wallet addresses."


QuadrigaCX Exchange collapse

The QuadrigaCX exchange has become the center of a disaster since its CEO Gerald Cotten died in December. Leaving no information about the wallets of the exchange or how to access them, Cotten unwittingly framed users for nearly $ 200 million.

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Today, February 14, a court session will be held, at which it will be decided which law firms can represent about 115,000 clients who have lost money.

Editor: Yulia Krasnaya

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