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Anonymous petition on a call for Kraken to buy QuadrigaCX

An anonymous petition on the US encourages Kraken to buy the QuadrigaCX exchange
An anonymous petition on the US encourages Kraken to buy the QuadrigaCX exchange

On, the American petition platform, an appeal was issued to Jesse Powell, the CEO of the Kraken exchange, to buy out QuadrigaCX, as reported by the Forklog news agency.

On February 4, it became known about the publication of a petition to the head of Kraken, Jesse Powell. The petition is posted on the American platform. The author of the message was anonymous under the nickname Crypto Trader.

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Petition: purchase of the QuadrigaCX stock-exchange

The essence of the petition-appeal is to buy QuadrigaCX, the problematic Canadian Bitcoin exchange. According to the author of the petition, the purchase of QuadrigaCX by such a giant of crypto-trade as Kraken, will be a positive change for both platforms. Now, more than 1000 people are already watching the petition, and even the first participants have appeared, who have signed the document.

"(...) the CEO of Kraken (...) tweeted how Quadriga mismanaged users' funds and believed that the story about the death of the CEO was not believable. This is Jesse Powell and Kraken's petition to redeem Quadriga (...) and take control of the Quadriga exchange." – from the petition.

Recall that the new leadership of the QuadrigaCX cannot get access to 15,000 wallets with client money. The total amount of blocked crypto-coins is about $ 190 million. The press center of the exchange claims that Gerry Cotten, the CEO of the platform, died in December 2018. At the same time, he allegedly single-handedly controlled the "cold" keys of the exchanger.

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"Let your voice be heard, and let’s see if Kraken is the savior of hundreds of thousands of cryptographic users in Canada and beyond." – from the petition.

An anonymous petition on the American encourages Kraken to buy the QuadrigaCX exchange. Recall that, according to the CryptoMedication analytical agency, in real time QuadrigaCX does not have enough money to recover the money lost.

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