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ICORating rating report: the safest cryptocurrency exchanges

Security rating report on crypto-exchanges from ICORating
Security rating report on crypto-exchanges from ICORating

ICORating Analytical Center has published a report about the security level of 135 cryptocurrency exchanges.

The main reason for testing the security systems of exchanges from ICORating was the information about the hacking of the New Zealand Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchanger, as well as several thefts of cryptocurrency assets from other platforms.

"Recently, millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency thefts has been reported from various exchanges. The cryptocurrency market attracts a huge number of investors who expect a high yield (...) does not bother anyone that one day a crypto-coin can be stolen, and you will not get a refund (...) transactions and assets are not protected in any way, which makes investing in cryptocurrency dangerous." –


"Safe" crypto-exchanges: ICORating  assessment

ICORating rated the reliability of the security systems of 135 cryptocurrency platforms. The main criterion for selecting participants for testing was the level of daily tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
volume (above $ 100,000).

"We chose exchanges whose daily value of transactions exceeds $ 100,000; the total number of exchanges on the list is 135" –

Unfortunately, only 16 percent of the verified exchangers received satisfactory ratings. At the same time, not a single cryptocurrency exchange managed "perfectly well".

According to the ICORating study, the exchanges were rated on a scale of А+; А; А- ; В+; В; В-; С+; С; С-, where the group "C" is unsatisfactory, "A" exchanges with a high level of security, and "B" have several minor flaws.

Thus, the Kraken cryptocurrency platform received the first place in the ranking, receiving an A. rating. The second, also with a high A-point, is Cobinhood. The third place – Poloniex (A-), the fourth – BitMEX (A-), the fifth – Bitfinex (A-), the sixth – Bitlish (A-).

ICORating has published a rating report on the safest crypto-exchanges. The main points for assessing the overall level of security were the indicators of user account security, "web security", the ability to counter hacker (DoS) attacks, and the security of the domain name of the platform. It is noteworthy that such a well-known stock-exchange as Binance (C +) took the 34th place in the rating, and the Gemini (C-) platform – the 84th.

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