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HitBTC denies freezing wallets during Proof of Keys

HitBTC denied account freezing during Proof of Keys flash mob
HitBTC denied account freezing during Proof of Keys flash mob

The HitBTC cryptocurrency exchanger denied allegations of intentionally freezing user accounts, the Cointelegraph news agency reported.

Responding to a request for comment, Peter Swen, a spokesperson for HitBTC’s marketing team, denied any connection between blocking accounts and the Proof of Keys event.

Following complaints from users on social networks, one of the organizers of Proof of Keys, Tres Meyer, publicly suggested that HitBTC intentionally froze accounts in response to an event. Others subsequently joined, including John McAfee, Bitfi wallets maker and entrepreneur Tuur Demeester.


HitBTC charges during the Proof of Keys flash mob

On Thursday, January 3, the Proof of Keys event caused a massive withdrawal of all funds from exchanges and other centralized third parties. This event was created to encourage responsible use of decentralized cryptocurrency and as a sign of demonstrating control over personal "keys".

As is known, HitBTC did not publish a public response to the charges, while Peter Sven categorically refused to recognize any connection between the freezing of the withdrawal function and the Proof of Keys events, which he called the "flash mob". In its Twitter, the management of the exchange reported that the incident was related to the security system update on the platform . In one of the messages from HitBTC on January 2, the exchange hinted that it would soon publish an official statement.

Recall that HitBTC is currently the 14th largest crypto-exchange in the world. Today, HitBTC unofficially denied the accusations of account freezing during the Proof of Keys flash mob – there have been no official statements from the exchange management.

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