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Coinbase will enter six European markets in 2019

Coinbase plans to expand to 6 new markets in 2019
Coinbase plans to expand to 6 new markets in 2019

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange reported that it has successfully begun work to expand in six additional European markets, as part of a more "aggressive" development program, as reported by the CoinDesk news agency.

Coinbase, the leading crypto-exchange, plans a more aggressive approach in 2019, pushing the boundaries into new global markets. The cryptocurrency platform based in San Francisco is expanding its tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
platform to new territories in Europe, including Lithuania, Gibraltar, Iceland, Guernsey, Andorra and the Isle of Man.


New Coinbase markets and plans for 2019

On Thursday, December 20, Coinbase representatives announced that they would launch their trading platform in six new areas in the European market. The project, according to developers and development strategists, should cover 33 countries around the planet. Recall that the exchanger was launched in 2012 and remained important for the cryptocurrency sector for the past six years. As part of development, already in 2019, Coinbase has big plans to simplify the process of buying and selling digital assets, especially in Europe.

"New customers in these (new) markets will be able to fully use and our applications for iOS and Android, which will allow them for the first time to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the Coinbase platform. We also hope over time to make Coinbase Pro and Prime also available in these regions." – Coinbase Statement.

In its quest to achieve a wider implementation of cryptography, Coinbase will take a strong, active and aggressive position over the next 12 months. The exchange confirmed that it plans to expand even further in the crypto-sphere.

"Next year, we will continue to expand rapidly to new regions and add assets to the Coinbase platform to meet customer demand."

Recall that the exchange now offers cryptocurrency exchanges for its customers in the United States, using the new principles of conversion. The new conversion feature will allow users to quickly exchange between cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lightcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and 0X.

Coinbase plans to enter 6 European markets in 2019 – more details about the plans and strategy of the cryptocurrency platform will be posted on its official website. Now the program of active distribution the developers are secretly called "aggressive expansion of the markets."

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