03/12/19 07:15 UTC-5

The old version of the Waves DEX exchange is not available to users

The developers restarted the Waves DEX exchange, instead of which the new Waves.Exchange platform begins to function. Customer funds are securely stored, according to representatives of the exchange.


Waves.Exchange customers control the assets themselves

The decentralized Waves DEX exchange has stopped working. The developers launched the Waves.Exchange platform, which has already begun to function.

There is no access to the old version of the exchange, and the site provides functionality only for moving to a new platform. The company emphasized that customer assets are safe. The developers described the advantages of the future platform: lack of transactionTransaction
– is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out completely. Details
reversibility, security of funds. Users independently control the means as they transmit the latest cryptocurrency news

The next stage in the development of the exchange is under the control of another team. However, the structure includes the developers of the Waves DEX exchange engine. Waves is preparing to launch affiliate programs. Users will be offered options for passive income, for example, rates in stablecoins and interest rates with low risk.

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Editor: Daria Mukhina