05/11/19 05:14 UTC-5

Representatives of the BitMEX exchange explained the loss of user data

On November 1, users of BitMex exchange services received an email containing the email addresses of other users in the “To:” field. Representatives apologized and explained the reasons on Twitter.


BitMEX users will use 2FA

The reason for sending notifications with user addresses is a failure in the cipher of the internal exchange system. In addition to addresses, no other private information was received by the account owners.

Notifications were not sent to all registered users. Some received letters without disclosing confidential information. Representatives of the exchange drew attention to the establishment of control on the Twitter page of the exchange at the time of the incident. The page was watched for six minutes.

Security officials discovered profiles with suspicious activity. Users were advised to change passwords and check information additionally. Account holders were asked to use two-factor authentication to avoid leakage of private information.

BitMEX engineering teams are developing new features to increase the number of security keys and improve account notification alerts.

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Editor: Daria Mukhina