04/11/19 07:10 UTC-5

Bittrex is inactive when stealing Bitcoin on an exchange

Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange is suing for hacking a SIM card, which brought criminals 100 Bitcoin, currently worth almost $1 million.


Bittrex Exchange theft

The SIM card change occurred on the AT & T cellular network, while the robbed accounts were placed on the Bittrex exchange.

The victim was Gregg Bennett, a Seattle venture investor. After the incident, Bennett filed a lawsuit against Bittrex with the Washington State Supreme Court.

Bennett claims that Bittrex violated published security protocols and ignored industry standards.

“This ignorance made me the victim of a robbery with high losses.” – Bennett came up with these allegations after the Bittrex ignored the hacking situation.

Bennett claims to have contacted the company during the hack, but Bittrex was unable to respond.

Bittrex declined to comment on hacking and theft.

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka