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The UAE BTSE Exchange has introduced trading in Monero futures

Dubai BTSE crypto-platform has launched Monero (XMR) futures tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
. This decision significantly distinguished a relatively small exchange in terms of trade among the rest. BTSE is the first and only exchange to offer privacy-focused cryptocurrency futures contracts.  


BTSE offer

While the well-known XMR coin is being removed from the listing of other exchanges due to the increased attention of the authorities to it, BTSE decide on the contrary to add it to the exchange. Dubai CEO Jonathan Leong believes that anonymity of transactions is one of the main criteria for a strong digital currency, and that the introduction of Monero can give regulators a criterion for evaluating the transfer of these coins. He commented:

“By listing Monero, BTSE hopes to not only provide customers with more choices regarding their trading needs, but also to decide how to list the tokens of increased confidentiality, like Monero, in accordance with the requirements of regulators.”

It is worth noting that futures trading soars in volume to spot trading.

BTSE said that options for futures trading can serve as a gateway for additional liquidityLiquidity
– is a term that means the ability to sell any financial assets (below or above the market price). The term “liquidity” in Latin means “liquid”, “flowing”.Details
of assets, as they allow traders to use various approaches to include a futures product in the overall trading strategy. They also stressed that they took care of trading Monero Futures 2.0, trying to make it as flexible, customizable and personalized as possible. Clients will be able to place any of the supported currencies as collateral for transactions, as well as freely choose in which asset to receive payments.

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