01/11/19 05:33 UTC-5

BitMEX Digital Exchange has distributed personal customer data

BitMEX Crypto Derivatives Exchange accidentally distributed sensitive data. Letters with the email addresses of other clients came to users' mails. The employee responsible for sending mail, distributing letters, put all the email addresses in the mailing list in open [CC], not a hidden copy of [BCC].


BitMEX error

Crypto-lawyer Jake Chervinsky joked that BitMEX did not cheat on BitME users, and accidentally forgot to use a blind carbon copy when sending emails. However, some members of the platform noted that this incident makes user accounts more accessible for hacker attacks and fraudulent schemes of cybercriminals.

Concern was also expressed that the risk of leakage was downplayed and each letter was only part of the general dissemination of confidential information. Clients received 1000 email addresses in one letter from other users. After the incident began to gain momentum, the cryptocurrency exchange published an official statement on its website:

"The confidentiality of our users is a top priority. Our team immediately took measures to solve the problem, and we take steps to understand the impact. Be sure that we do everything possible to determine the cause of the error, and we will be in touch with any users, affected by this issue."

It’s important to note that after the leak, some Twitter users and influencers, such as Binance and OKEX, recommended users to change their email address as soon as possible and even enable two-factor authentication, given the possibility that their BitMEX accounts may now be more vulnerable.

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Editor: Alyona Deryabina