02/11/19 02:00 UTC-5

Huobi is expanding to the Middle East and North Africa

On October 31, the Huobi Group announced that their Huobi Cloud exchange platform, offering services as a "white label", is now available in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


Huobi Cloud extension

Online payment providers in the Middle East and North Africa can use Huobi's infrastructure to offer their customers cryptocurrency tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details

Huobi MENA Office Co-Founder Mohit Davar shared information:

"The launch is focused on the demand that the United Arab Emirates has shown for blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details

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  • According to the company, in other regions, Huobi Cloud has already helped build more than 120 exchanges, including Huobi Russia, Huobi Indonesia and Huobi Argentina.

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka