06/10/19 02:00 UTC-4

Coinbase has resumed fast payments with ClearBank banking partner

Coinbase customers in the UK may again return to the fast transfer of payments on the exchange, according to the Bloomberg report.

Coinbase payments

In August, reports appeared that the British Barclays financial services giant had stopped providing banking services to Coinbase. At that time, Coinbase became a client of ClearBank, a UK banking startup.

However, due to the change of partnership, Coinbase has lost access to the British faster payment scheme (FPS), which allowed users to instantly deposit and withdraw British pounds on the exchange.

After three months of losing the FPS service, Coinbase resumed offering this feature to its customers.

Coinbase institutional and retail customers can make deposits or withdraw funds shortly in less than 60 seconds.

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  • On Thursday, September 19th, the Coinbase exchange announced the consideration of 17 new tokens for a possible listing on its platform.

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