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Hacked BITpoint exchange reports attack details

Hacked Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, BITpoint, partially resumed tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
and reports: the investigation revealed that the criminals used malware to access the platform’s hot wallets.


The consequences of hacking the exchange

The exchange was attacked last month, when hackers earned about 32 million US dollars on cryptocurrencies, affecting a staggering 50,000 customers (about half of the total number of users). More than half of the tokens were stolen from customer wallets, and the rest from company funds.

Cryptocurrency news reports that on August 6, Bitpoint restarted deposits and withdrawals of fiat funds after a thorough assessment of the security level of the cryptocurrency exchange wallet.

The exchange also said that in September it will reimburse all expenses of customers who have suffered from hacking.

BITpoint executives say hackers used malware to access private keys on hot wallets to gain access to funds. The company added that "there is no evidence" that hackers gained access to the network using stolen passwords and user IDs, and said that "there was no leakage of user information."

The company also reports that it will resume over-the-counter and margin services on Friday this week, and spot trading services will begin in a week. Clients will be able to receive deposits in cryptocurrency from October, with new accounts and any other remaining services.

Hacked Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, BITpoint, resumes work. Recall, on August 1, the Bitfinex exchange suspended work and launched an update that promises to increase the stability and scalability of the system.

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