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The Bitfinex crypto-exchange has launched an update to improve the system

Bitfinex is updating the system
Bitfinex is updating the system

On July 31, the Bitfinex exchange announced that it would suspend work on August 1 and launch an update that promises to increase the stability and scalability of the system. Bidding and user wallets will be unavailable for several hours. 


Bitfinex exchange update

Cryptocurrency news showed that today Bitfinex is updating the system, which aims to increase the stability and scalability of the iFinex bidding comparison tool.

"Our planned update has begun, and Bitfinex is offline. Please stay tuned for updates on Twitter and on our website. Thanks for your patience!" – Twitter Bitfinex.

The tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
platform was suspended at 12:30 Moscow time. It is estimated that the update will take about two or three hours.

During the upgrade, Bitfinex and Ethfinex users cannot trade and do not have access to cryptocurrencies.

Representatives of the company urged their users to take care of the operations they needed in advance, since during the update there is no such possibility.

At the same time, the company reports that all user tools are safe during the upgrade. In addition, Bitfinex recommends that users of the platform pay attention to open margin positions, since forced liquidation is possible after the resumption of trading.

Exchange users will be able to get the latest update information on the company’s blog on Twitter. Trading on Bitfinex will be resumed 10 minutes after the update is completed.

On August 1, the Bitfinex exchange closed for maintenance. Recall, on July 2, through a message on its website, Bitfinex announced that it was taking steps to repay the loan, which he took from the Tether "sister" company.

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