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Kraken adds five global fiat currencies to its platform

Kraken adds 5 fiat currencies
Kraken adds 5 fiat currencies

On July 29th, Kraken announced the addition of five global fiat currencies on its user platform. Cooperating with the Etana wallet, Kraken adds: dollars, euros, CAD, JPY and GBP for exchange in 180 countries. 


Update on the Kraken exchange

Cryptocurrencies today occupy a special place in the community and attract an increasing number of users to their system, but do not forget about fiat money. Now Kraken users can use the service to replenish their account in any of these five fiat world currencies. Etana Custody Wallet will allow you to exchange one paper currency for another.

Kraken users will be able to transfer funds for storage from their banks to Etana, this process usually takes from 1 to 5 days. And then you can exchange your savings for any other currency that they can transfer back to their Kraken account.

Etana and Kraken user wallets are linked together, making it easy to transfer funds between them without much delay. When users have completed the exchange between these currencies, they can leave their funds in an Etana wallet or transfer them to a Kraken account.

The minimum amount that users can exchange is $ 150, Canadian dollars, euros and pounds sterling. 15,000 for the Japanese yen. Etana also charges an additional 35 in a currency that transfers from 0.125% of the amount as fees.

Kraken Exchange has announced the addition of 5 fiat currencies to its platform. Recall, on July 29, Justin Sun, CEO and founder of TRON, according to data from the TRANSCAN analytical center, reported that the number of TRON transactions increased to 5 million in one day.

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