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Today $ 10 million was stolen from the BitPoint cryptocurrency exchange

BitPoint Cryptocurrency Exchange was robbed for $ 10 million
BitPoint Cryptocurrency Exchange was robbed for $ 10 million

Today, on July 12, $ 10 million in a cryptocurrency equivalent was stolen from a Japanese licensed cryptocurrency exchanger. Theft occurred as a result of a hacker attack. Conducted investigative actions.


Hacking BitPoint exchange

According to the representative of the platform, the lion's share of the stolen money belonged to traders of the exchange. It is not yet clear what cryptocurrencies were stolen. It is assumed that the wallets with Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum and Bitcoins were hacked. At the same time, a few months before the theft, BitPoint obtained all the necessary licenses from local financial regulators.

The amount of theft was about 10 million US dollars

“Bitpoint, one of licensed exchanges in Japan, got hacked today and supposedly have lost 10s of millions  dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Gox incidents are nothing new but I'm afraid this may affect the regulation and make it even more strict in Japan.”Koji Higashi.

Today was stolen 10 million dollars from the BitPoint exchange. Recall, that Donald Trump said that cryptocurrency contributes to the development of crime.


Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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