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As a result of the growth of Bitcoin, Binance became the first victim of margin trading

Liquidation of Binance margin trading
Liquidation of Binance margin trading

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao confirmed on Twitter that the world's largest stock exchange had its first liquidation, while continuing to test the new feature of margin tradingTrading
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BTC growth victim

Changpeng Zhao tweeted that they had the world's first liquidation of margin trading, which was most likely due to the rise in Bitcoin prices. The price of Bitcoin continued to grow, reaching $ 11,300 on some exchanges.

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It is these price changes that can make margin trading so expensive for traders that it often turns out to be one of the main reasons that traders lose their money.

Zhao took the opportunity to remind traders of the risks and advises to invest his money responsibly, especially for inexperienced traders who can perform spontaneous rash actions.

"Don't bet against Bitcoin," the CEO wrote on Twitter.

Changpen Zhao confirmed on Twitter that the world's largest stock exchange, Binance, had its first liquidation due to the growth of BTC. Recall that on June 21st, the Binance Charity Foundation announced that it had supplied solar panels and school materials to 15 Uganda schools. For the charity event, 170,000 US dollars were used, raised as part of the first annual Binance Poker Charity Cup organized by TronBet.

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