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Recent attack through Firefox was directed against Coinbase employees

Mozilla Firefox was used in a recent attack
Mozilla Firefox was used in a recent attack

A recent hacker attack was a threat not only to users but also to Coinbase employees. Mozilla Firefox assigned the threat the highest level of danger, declaring it a “zero-day” vulnerability. Fortunately, the attack was stopped, and all means are safe.


Hacker attack using Mozilla Firefox

The Coinbase Security team and Google security researcher Samuel D. Gross discovered a vulnerability in the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, which can be used to launch a type mixing attack using JavaScript objects.

“On Monday, Coinbase detected and blocked an attempt by attackers to access the Firefox system and target Coinbase employees”, – Philip Martin Twitter, member of Coinbase security team.

This is what prompted Mozilla to notify immediately all users about the need for an update.

The Mozilla developer company has released a patch that “fixed a bug.” Then Mozilla Firefox urged users to update the version without hesitation. The warning said that the threat applies to both Mozilla Firefox products and Firefox ESR. The team has released 67.0.3 version of the Firefox browser to eliminate the critical vulnerability, – Firefox’s Twitter.

It is not clear to the security service how the hacking occurred. What’s important is that the software was fixed and Coinbase was able to intercept the attack before any problems occurred.

Philip Martin, member of Coinbase security team: “We coped well with the attack, updated the security system, and most importantly, warned our customers and employees in time.”

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A hacker attack through Mozilla Firefox with the highest level of danger. Let us remind you that on June 11, Coinbase announced that it would expand its debit card program to six new countries across Europe.

Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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