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ChangeNow cryptocurrency exchange recovers 500,000 XRP after hacking

ChangeNow returns the stolen 500,000 XRP
ChangeNow returns the stolen 500,000 XRP

ChangeNow cryptocurrency exchange was able to freeze 500,000 XRP of the 23 million XRP that were stolen from the GateHub cryptocurrency service on June 1.


500,000 XRP recovered funds

"As you may know, GateHub was recently hacked with $ 23 million XRP." – ChangeNow Twitter.

At the service of the GateHub crypto-wallet there was a theft of about 23,200,000 XRP (10,000,000 dollars). This issue was originally announced on the XRP Forensics blog.

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ChangeNow Exchange marked blacklists of addresses related to hacking on GateHub, and therefore was able to return some of the stolen funds.

"After the establishment of malicious addresses, we took precautions and blacklisted all the addresses that were associated with the burglary", the exchange said.

"On June 9th, thanks to the quick and coordinated actions of our team, we managed to stop a significant number of XRP exchanges that the hackers tried to accomplish through us. The total amount of Ripple that they tried to pass through us is 2.5 million. We managed to save over 500,000 XRP." – ChangeNow.

ChangeNow Exchange returned the stolen 500 000 XRP after hacking. Cryptocurrency exchange also added that they continue to actively cooperate with representatives of GateHub and are trying to find the best solution to manage the situation.

Editor: Yulia Krasnaya

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