05/06/19 04:34 UTC-4

Polish Coinroom exchange closes and withdraws money from users

The Polish Coinroom crypto-exchange recently ceased operations and disappeared without warning with the accounts of its customers, – as reported by Medium.


Coinroom Exchange closed

The Polish news publication, Money.Pl, claims that they received an e-mail from Coinroom stating that they, like other Coinroom users, were stymied by the fact that Coinroom ceased operations.

Some affected users claimed that they had up to 60,000 zlotys in their accounts, or about 15,790 dollars.

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The number of warnings that Coinroom has given its customers is negligible. It is reported that until the complete cessation of operations, Coinroom customers had one day to withdraw their money, as indicated in the email that Coinroom sent to its users.

Although Coinroom gave its users the opportunity to withdraw their money, some users claim that the exchange gave them only a portion of their money, while other users claim that they did not receive their money at all.

Coinroom crypto-exchange closes with customer assets. A spokesman for the district prosecutor's office in Warsaw, Lukasz Lapczyński, said that his office had opened a case against the Coinroom. This is due to unauthorized activities related to the provision of payment services that mediate the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

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