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The liquidators’ first report on Cryptopia’s state of affairs

Liquidators: Cryptopia Status Report
Liquidators: Cryptopia Status Report

Grant Thornton released the first report of the liquidators on the state of affairs related to the hacked and now defunct cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia.


First Report on Cryptopia Liquidation

"Liquidators’ First Report on the State of Affairs of Cryptopia Limited (in Liquidation) is now available" – Cryptopia Twitter.

Grant Thornton is still conducting research on Cryptopia. However, certain facts appeared in the report, including secured creditors in the case. The secured creditors include Coca-Cola and Dell, which will seek compensation primarily. Among them, there are preferential creditors, represented by Cryptopia employees, who will require about $320,000.

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For retail investors, the situation does not look very good: there are 69 claims of unsecured creditors, totaling $2.449 million.

The liquidators’ first report on Cryptopia’s state of affairs was published. The client assets database is still being checked, and the report states, "we cannot confirm the value of client assets".

The liquidators also claim that the deadlines for liquidation cannot yet be determined, saying, "At this stage it is almost impossible to estimate the date of completion of the liquidation".

Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange, which lost $23 million in January due to hacking, declared in a press release on May 15 that it was leaving the crypto business and appointing liquidators David Rusco and Russell Moore from Grant Thornton.

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