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Binance adds support for BCPT, GTO, and ARN tokens to the Binance chain

Binance adds BCPT, GTO, and ARN to the Binance chain
Binance adds BCPT, GTO, and ARN to the Binance chain

Binance has announced that it will support upcoming BCPT, GTO, and ARN tokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
swaps to the network. At the time of the update, deposits and withdrawals of funds were suspended, starting at 00:00 AM on May 31 (UTC).


Binance Update

"Binance would like to confirm support for upcoming BACT, GTO, and ARN network swaps for BEPT, GTO, and ARN in BCPT, GTO, and ARN chains in BAST, BIFT, Gifto (GTO), and Aeron (ARN) chains," – Binance.

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It is still possible to enter the original ERC20 coins to the stock exchange, to your ETH deposit address, after you have completed your work with the main network. On your behalf, the currency automatically converts into currencies BCPT, GTO, and ARN BEP2.

Binance has announced the addition of support for the upcoming BCPT, GTO, and ARN token swaps to the network. "After the migration of tokens is completed, users can only receive BCP2 BCPT, GTO, and ARN tokens, but not ERP20 BCPT, GTO, and ARN tokens. We will make an additional announcement about when we plan to resume depositing and withdrawing of funds," – Binance.

On May 28, Binance announced the successful completion of the sale of the Harmony token after the lottery. Binance Coin has grown significantly over the course of 2019. It continues to show steady growth after a recent rise to a new historical maximum, according to statistics from

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