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Bitfinex crypto-exchange has abolished the commission for working with fiat currencies

Fiat without a Bitfinex fee
Fiat without a Bitfinex fee

On Wednesday, May 22, the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange announced that it would not charge a fee for depositing and withdrawing large amounts of fiat money. Earlier, the platform approved a commission system according to the amount of assets to be withdrawn, which has been canceled from today.


Bitfinex: fiat fee cancellation

According to the message on the Bitfinex website, the crypto platform will no longer charge commissions for "withdrawing a large amount with a high frequency, size". The platform explained its decision by the desire to support traders and regular customers of the exchanger. The innovation came into force today, on May 22, at 8 am In this case, all standard operations will use the same conditions of ties as before (0.1% of the withdrawal amount).

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The message also spoke about the gratitude of Bitfinex to its regular customers "for their support". In addition, the exchange said it was pleased to provide new convenient options.

"As of 8:00 UTC, Wednesday May 22nd, Bitfinex cancels a large amount withdrawal fee with a high frequency/size. Standard withdrawal fees will again be applied to all verified Bitfinex users, which is 0.1% of the withdrawal amount (minimum $60.00)" – Bitfinex.

Just about the complex: Now regular customers of Bitfinex can withdraw or enter a large amount of dollars or euros without a fee. Thus, the platform is trying to attract new users and become more competitive in the market. At the same time, "small" clients still remain on the standard conditions of commission charges.

Bitfinex abolished commission fees for working with fiat currency. Recall that the platform has collected over the last IEO more than $1 billion investment.

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