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The results of hacking the Binance exchange: the CEO spoke about the restoration of the platform

Binance CEO summed up a recent hack
Binance CEO summed up a recent hack

The CEO of the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange, Changpeng Zhao, summed up the recent hacking of hot wallets on the platform. 7000 BTC was stolen from the stock-xchange, which after were placed on 7 hacker wallets.


Binance: hacking results

The CEO of the Binance cryptocurrency exchanger, Changpeng Zhao, summed up the recent stock exchange incident.  As a result of the hacking about 7000 Bitcoins were stolen from the platform. According to the director’s comments, at first, the stock exchange’s employees did not understand what was happening. From further withdrawal of funds, the exchange was protected by a strong security system, which the hacker (a group of hackers) was unable to crack.

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In addition, Zhao said that the platform can cover the damage caused by hackers. Also, the director of the exchanger thanked users for their understanding and support. Zhao also noted the excellent work of employees, company volunteers and partner companies.

"Many partners have intervened to help. Analytical groups have begun to help us track stolen funds, for example, Peck Shield, Whale Alert, etc. Exchangers and wallets have offered to block any deposits associated with hacker addresses. Some of them may be our "competitors", but I am impressed with how the whole community got together and rallied in difficult times" – Changpen Zhao.

The CEO of the Binance exchange told about the restoration of the platform after hacking. Recall that the hacking of the exchanger took place in May of this year, when unknown hackers stole from Binance 7000 BTC, which is equivalent to 40.5 US dollars.

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