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Crystal Blockchain updated testimony regarding the recent hack of the Binance exchange

On May 14th, the Crystal BlockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
research company updated information about the investigation into the hacking of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Stolen funds are saved in seven separate wallets by an unknown hacker.


Crystal Blockchain about Binance hacking

Today, Crystal Blockchain research company reported about updating data on the recent hacking and embezzlement of 7,000 Bitcoins from the Binance exchange. According to the information, all stolen Bitcoins were distributed by an unknown attacker to seven crypto-wallets. The exact addresses of the wallets have not yet been traced. The identity of the kidnapper or the group of attackers is also not disclosed.

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In addition, it became known that the stolen money tried to mix with other cryptocurrencies through the "crypto-mixing" service. However, this hacker manipulation did not produce the necessary results and all the stolen coins can still be traced. In addition, Crystal Blockchain published a diagram in which you can see how stolen cryptocurrencies moved from the moment they broke in on May 8th until today.

"Our update about Binance hacking, compiled by Crystal analytics: as of May 13, the funds were still combined into 7 wallets, but the hacker tried to mix (using the crypto-mixing service) some funds through other wallets. We will publish more updates soon!" – Crystal Blockchain, Twitter.

Representatives of the Crystal Blockchain research group have updated information about the recent hack of the Binance exchange. Recall that the platform was hacked on May 8. The attackers managed to kidnap 7,000 Bitcoins, which is equivalent to $ 40.5 million.

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The Poloniex excludes 9 cryptocurrencies for American traders

Poloniex, the leading crypto-exchanger, will no longer support 9 cryptocurrencies for US traders. According to the Medium report, the lack of regulatory documents for these projects may lead to the fact that they will be classified as securities.

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