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Disney can become a major shareholder on the Bitstamp and Korbit cryptocurrency exchanges

Bitstamp and Korbit may become the property of Disney
Bitstamp and Korbit may become the property of Disney

On April 23rd, it was reported that Disney could become the actual owner of two large cryptocurrency exchangers. The incident was reported by sources from the Bitcoinist news agency.


Disney and cryptocurrency exchanges

The Walt Disney Company may become the main shareholder of two large cryptocurrency exchanges – Bitstamp (Europe) and Korbit (South Korea). Although it sounds very strange, but Disney can really be considered the main contender for owning cryptocurrency tradingTrading
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floors. The fact is that the multiplier company is now the owner (almost 99% of the shares) of the Nexon video game developer.

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At the same time, Nexon is one of the subsidiaries of NXC Corporation, which also owns the two aforementioned cryptocurrency exchanges. It became known that the Disney company plans to acquire NXC shares worth almost $ 14 billion.

This deal can make Disney the real owner and main shareholder of two cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition, it is important to mention that both exchanges, according to reports for the first quarter of the current year, can be called unprofitable. This month, the numbers showed that net annual losses in the previous twelve months amounted to about 45 billion won ($ 40 million).

The Disney Company may become a shareholder on the Bitstamp and Korbit crypto-exchanges. Recall that we have already written about that another large stock-exchange attracts customers with new sweepstakes. Yesterday the platform announced that it was playing five pairs of socks between its users.

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