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40,000 USDT and $ 60,000 for the cryptocurrency exchange rate forecast: a new BitMax advertising campaign

BitMax reported a new advertising campaign with a gain of USD 40,000 and $ 60,000
BitMax reported a new advertising campaign with a gain of USD 40,000 and $ 60,000

On April 22, the BitMax cryptocurrency exchange announced a new advertising campaign for CHX, QCX, LAMB, FET, BOL tokens. According to the conditions of the competition, each user who correctly predicts the rate of cryptocurrency will be rewarded.


BitMax – a crypto prediction contest

The rate prediction contest from the BitMax exchanger will last only 24 hours. During this time, each bidder on the exchange will be able to win a part of the prize fund correctly predicted the rate of five cryptocurrencies. A new advertising campaign for CHX, QCX, LAMB, FET, BOLT projects will begin on April 25th at 7:00 pm EST and last until 8:00 pm, on April 26th, Est.

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According to a press release on the site, "users who correctly predict price movements for 5 tokens (CHX/QCX/LAMB/FET/BOLT) will receive an equal share of remuneration in the amount of 40,000 USDT." The results of the advertising competition will appear on April 26th at 8:30 pm (EDT).

In addition, BitMax also said that all owners of these tokens can receive up to $ 60,000 if they have the necessary "qualified" amount of coins in their account. So, for example, those users who have acquired (exchanged) on the exchanges over the past few weeks can participate in the campaign: 600 or more CHX, from 1000Q CX, or from 1500 LAMB, or 3500 BOLT. Also, on the website of the exchange indicated three more competition with which you can get cryptocurrency.

"In recognition of your continued support, will launch joint promotional activities with 5 projects – CHX/QCX/LAMB/FET/BOLT" – BitMax Exchange.

New ad campaign from BitMax, users can get 40,000 USDT and $ 60,000 for the forecast rate of tokens. Recall that Kraken, the American cryptocurrency exchange, announced its Cosmos (ATOM) listing decision.

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