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Bithumb became a victim of hacking. 3 million EOS tokens were stolen from the exchange.

Attackers stole 3 million EOS tokens from Bithumb
Attackers stole 3 million EOS tokens from Bithumb

On March 30, the South Korean stock-exchange, Bithumb, reported an anomalous cryptocurrency withdrawal and suspended its work. At the moment, the exchanger has completely stopped the withdrawal of funds, as well as the system of receiving deposits. It is assumed that Bithumb was the victim of hacking.

On Saturday, the exchange informed its customers about the discovery of anomalous transactions. The system of monitoring the tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
of the exchanger revealed anomalous conclusions of cryptocurrency from their wallets, as well as from the customers' stores.

Abnormal transactions on Bithumb

At 10:15 am local time, the site of the exchanger reported abnormal transactions that may indicate a platform hacking. In addition, Bithumb Twitter reported on the suspension of some functions of the exchange.

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“We apologize to our customers for the delay in the operation of the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency, we would like to inform you about the circumstances and confirm that your assets are safe” – Bithumb, Twitter

On the day the platform was hacked, the first comments from partners and customers of Bithumb appeared. The consultant of Primitive Ventures Foundation, Dovi Van responded to the incident. According to his Twitter message, attackers hacked Bithumb and stole money. Cryptocurrency theft occurred as a result of stealing the private key of the EOS wallet on Bithumb.

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Bithumb was the victim of intruders. 3 million EOS tokens were stolen from the platform. As a result of the hacking, about 662,000 EOS coins were attacked by the attackers to the EXMO exchange. Another 263,605 EOS tokens ended up on the Huobi exchange. Soon, another 143,511 EOS tokens were found on the Changelly platform, and 96,270 EOS on KuCoin and 38,725 EOS on the CoinSwitch platform. Recall that last month Bithumb opened a new branch of institutional investors.

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