29/03/19 12:14 UTC-4

Binance DEX launched a coding contest with a 200 BNB award

Binance announced the start of the competition, but not intended for users or traders of the exchange, but for Python, C# and Swift Coders.

Binance is sponsoring a coding competition, trying to "drive the growth of the Binance Chain system and encourage more people to use the Binance Chain and trade on Binance DEX," the statement said.

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The purpose of the competition

The goal of the coding contest is to get three SDK confirmations and a signature service on Python, Swift and C #.

Binance is looking for the best in each category. The end of the competition is determined on April 30, 2019.

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Binance Exchange announced the launch of the DEX coding contest. Specific requirements can be found on the advertisement page. The current award is 200 BNB tokens for each winning bid for a total of $ 10,000, – says the company twitter.

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