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KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has resumed support for MasterCard and Visa payments

KuCoin has renewed MasterCard and Visa support
KuCoin has renewed MasterCard and Visa support

On March 27, the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange announced  about supporting Visa and MasterCard credit cards to buy assets on the platform. Working with new payment systems has become available thanks to the collaboration with the Simplex development team.

KuCoin Exchange, which was established only in the summer of 2017, has already managed to loudly declare itself and attract traders. Recently, the exchanger introduced the IEO tokensale program on a subsidiary platform, and again announced support for payment systems such as MasterCard and Visa.

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Visa and MasterCard credit cards on the KuCoin exchange

On March 27th, KuCoin received news about supporting credit cards for buying cryptocurrencies. Recall that the first attempts to introduce loan payments were last year,  but due to technical problems KuCoin stopped providing such services.

Representatives of the exchange said that now the KuCoin crypto-assets can be purchased using MasterCard and Visa payments. The support of the new payments will be provided by the Simplex Israeli crypto-startup, which in the past has already collaborated with KuCoin.

"We are pleased to announce that KuCoin is working with Simplex to enable users to buy cryptocurrencies using Visa and MasterCard credit cards." – KuCoin.

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Verified users of the exchange can pay debit or credit funds for the purchase of cryptocurrency. The required option has been added to the "Assets" section.

Now, the service supports five crypto, among them: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC). The cooperation campaign extends to more than one hundred countries of the world and two fiat currencies (US dollars and euros).

The KuCoin crypto-exchange now supports the MasterCard and Visa payment systems. Recall that we have already written about the details of the KuCoin Spotlight first tokensale, which took place on March 24th.

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The Poloniex excludes 9 cryptocurrencies for American traders

Poloniex, the leading crypto-exchanger, will no longer support 9 cryptocurrencies for US traders. According to the Medium report, the lack of regulatory documents for these projects may lead to the fact that they will be classified as securities.

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