28/03/19 11:06 UTC-4

OK Coin announces partnership with Prime Trust for the release of the OKUSD stable coin

In a recent Twitter announcement, OK Coin Star Xu founder said the company is working with Prime Trust and will launch its own stable coin called OKUSD in the future.

The news was posted on Twitter by both parties confirming the partnership.

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OK Coin will work with the Prime Trust, a blockchain-led trust company that provides storage, AML/KYC compliance, funds handling, IRA and asset protection for ICOICO
(Initial Coin Offerings) is an acronym, which means a primary currency offer. Details
, real estate and crowdfunding portals.

The partnership will allow OK Coin to launch a stable coin that will work in the future. The announcement was made after Tron CEO Justin Sun announced the release of his own stable coin, which was a partner of Tether (USDT).

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The stable coin is called USDT-TRON and offers TRON more variety and stability.

The OK Coin exchange enters into partnership with the Prime Trust and issues an OKUSD stable coin. Stable coins seem to be the trend of this week as they continue to become more common. The USDT is still the first stable coin, followed by USDC and TUSD.

Editor: Alyona Nabok

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17/05/19 08:43 UTC-4

The Poloniex excludes 9 cryptocurrencies for American traders

Poloniex, the leading crypto-exchanger, will no longer support 9 cryptocurrencies for US traders. According to the Medium report, the lack of regulatory documents for these projects may lead to the fact that they will be classified as securities.

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