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The recently launched Binance Lite Australia offers a 50% discount on transaction fees

Lite Australia platform offers a 50% discount on transaction fees
Lite Australia platform offers a 50% discount on transaction fees

Binance offers a huge discount for users of the beta version of Binance Lite Australia, – reports official site. 

Like Alex Saunders, the founder of NuggetNewsAU, who just announced his desire to help create a regulatory framework in Australia, Binance also takes the current market situation very seriously.

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Discount for users

After launching its Binance Lite Australia platform just a couple of days ago, the exchange announces a "huge discount" for its beta users. – this is reported on the company's twitter.

Users can now complete transactions on the Binance Lite platform at a 50% discount for a 2.5% transactionTransaction
– is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out completely. Details
fee. Although it is not the most expensive payment for buying bitcoins in the country, there are other exchanges that offer cheaper fees, such as CoinJar (1%) and CoinSpot (2%).

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Also, the answers to the announcement of the promotion basically say that the fee is still too high even after the discount.

Binance Lite Australia platform announced a 50% discount on transaction fees. Nevertheless, the ability to make remittances is more profitable, it may be the convenience that Australians are looking for, along with Binance's brilliant reputation as a world-class exchange.

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