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Co-founder of the QuadrigaCX exchange with a criminal past

One of the co-founders of the QuadrigaCX Canadian exchanger, Michael Patrin, was exposed. The publication of Bloomberg was able to confirm the rumors about the change of the Patrin`s name and his convictions for theft and fraud.

The information was officially confirmed that the co-founder of the QuadrigaCX exchange changed its name several times, had criminal convictions in the United States, and was subsequently deported to Canada.

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QuadrigaCX – with whom did Cotten create an exchanger

According to information from Bloomberg, Michael Patrin is the changed name of Omar Dhanani, who was previously known as a crook.

"His crimes: personal data theft related to fraud with bank and credit cards. His sentence: 18 months in US federal prison and then deportation to Canada." – Bloomberg.

As stated in the source, Omar Dhanani changed his name twice, most recently in 2008, when he became Michael Patrin. The criminal history of the QuadrigaCX co-founder began on his 22nd birthday (2005), when Dhanani (Patrin) pleaded guilty to credit card fraud and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Two years later another confession was made, this time it was computer fraud and embezzlement of funds in especially large amounts. After serving a new term, Dhanani was deported to Canada, where he changed his name again and became a partner of the late J. Cottan. Together they created the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency platform ...

After the death of Kotten, the dilemma with the keys to the cold storage began, where almost all the cryptocurrencies of the exchange were kept. It was alleged that only Cottan had access to them. Then one of the analytical companies discovered that 268 thousand ETHs were transferred from the QuadrigaCX storage to the exchange platform ShapeShift.

In the course of the investigation, details emerged about the co-founder of the company Dhanani (Patrin), who, strangely enough, last year hired specialists to destroy any information about his past.

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Co-founder of the QuadrigaCX exchange was with a criminal past. Now, the situation is investigating law enforcement agencies, since access to the QuadrigaCX six wallets has not been restored, and their very existence is already in doubt.

Recall that the Kraken exchange has promised to pay $ 100,000 to anyone who can solve the QuadrigaCX mystery – this was previously reported by Cryptorbit.Media. 

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