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Cryptopia allocates 35% of funds for new wallets to restore the exchange

Restoration of the Cryptopia Exchange
Restoration of the Cryptopia Exchange

The long road to opening the Cryptopia exchange is coming to an end, as the company announced that it is preparing to open its doors, allocating 35% of funds for new wallets. The update came through Twitter, and the New Zealand Stock-Exchange confirmed that they would provide 35% of the funds when exchanging for new wallets, saying that this process must be completed before opening.

Recall that, as reported by Cryptorbit.Media, earlier the exchange suffered heavy losses and was forced to suspend work.

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Exchange updates

Cryptopia began a long journey to recovery in early March, moving 24% of its wallets to new and secure servers and providing a read-only version of the exchange, allowing victims of hacking to see what they had before the attack. – the source of Cryptorbit.Media.

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The next update appeared in the "only cancel" mode, in which users were allowed to delete buy/sell orders opened before the exchange closed, in orderOrder
– automatic application to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Orders are used during trading on the stock exchange to open and close a position. Details
to avoid any losses as a result of price changes.

The long road to recovery of the Cryptopia Exchange will soon end. The exchange refers to a total loss of assets in the amount of about $ 20 million, which is about 9.4% of their total assets. The recovery process took its time, but for the most part the community appreciated regular updates and exchange transparency as the process unfolds.

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