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Former provider Coinbase has denied disclosure of customer data

Coinbase: the former provider denied the information plundering
Coinbase: the former provider denied the information plundering

Chainalysis analytical company (USA), which was previously the provider of the Coinbase exchange, said that it had never dealt with the personal information of the exchange's customers.

Recall that very recently the DeleteCoinbase movement, which is associated with the purchase of a Neutrino startup, began to develop. Employees of the Coinbase press center reported that the cooperation was forced, since the former provider was engaged in selling these users – as Cryptobit.Media already reported.

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Chainalysis – a previous provider of the Coinbase Crypto-Exchange

Chainalysis, an American analytical firm, published a material about the principles and algorithms of its work. At the same time, the report notes that the company has never engaged in the sale of personal data of its customers.

"We do not transfer to the exchanges personal information about cryptocurrency users. When we review a transactionTransaction
– is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out completely. Details
in KYT for an exchange client, we add it to our list of transactions made by the service."
– from Chainalysis blog.

An article in the Chainalysis blog followed the comments of the Coinbase press center, which indicated that a new provider was needed to prevent data theft. At the same time, Coinbase was told that the previous analytics company (that is, Chainalysis) was selling information of the exchange users.

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In its blog, Chainalysis also added that even to identify suspicious transactions, they only operate with addresses, not personal data. Former analytics provider for Coinbase has denied theft of customer data. Recall that the representatives of the Coinbase Exchange did not name specific names of providers. But at the same time, there is information that the last supplier of analytics for a cryptocurrency exchange (throughout the year) was only Chainalysis.

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