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QuadrigaCX under investigation by the FBI and the Canadian police

Investigating the situation on the QuadrigaCX exchange
Investigating the situation on the QuadrigaCX exchange

The disappearance and unavailability of funds on the QuadrigaCX, Canadian crypto-exchange, again attracts some attention.

After the latest messages showed that Quadriga’s wallets were almost empty, the exchange’s suspicions went beyond recent events concerning the death of Gerald Cotten, the former CEO and founder.

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QuadrigaCX crash

Even though crypto-exchange is not the first time did not justify the trust of its customers, QuadrigaCX was the largest Canadian exchange before its closure, and about 136 million dollars went missing since December.

Along with the complexity of the situation, with the mysterious death of the CEO during a trip to India, both elements have caused increased media attention to this story. The situation was hard on the environment of Cotten, especially his widow and the current state administrator, who mentioned that they were overwhelmed by unwanted attention.

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QuadrigaCX is under investigation by the FBI and the Canadian police. Legislators believe that the best solution for the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), to learn more about Quadriga, was to provide subpoenas for other crypto-exchanges, which, according to some reports, were receiving funds from Quadriga .

Quadriga’s attorney denies knowing about any such subpoenas.

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