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Cryptocurrencies in Siberia, or 6 unexpected facts about digital money in Irkutsk

CryptocurrencyCrypto in Siberia – 6 interesting facts about digital money in Irkutsk
Crypto in Siberia – 6 interesting facts about digital money in Irkutsk

One of the editors of Forbes, Anton Klimov, made a unique report on how the cryptocurrency capital of Russia – Irkutsk – lives . According to his materials, electricity in the city is very cheap, because Irkutsk is in the middle of the "energy hub". The local hydroelectric power station in abundance provides the city with cheap electricity.

It is logical that during the "cryptocurrency fever" almost all residents began to actively mine. And even today, when the cryptocurrency community caught up with a "crypto-winter", in Irkutsk, many people live on the "Bitcoin tariff". This was first told by Anton Klimov, who prepared a special report – "Cryptodepression. How do people mine in Siberia after the catastrophic fall of Bitcoin."

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The editors of Cryptobit.Media prepared 6 unexpected facts that the world became aware of after the Klimov report for Forbes.


1. Crypto-capital of Russia

Irkutsk has become a city of cryptocurrency due to the cheapest electricity tariffs in Asia and Europe. The little-known Irkutsk hydroelectric station brought the status of a "cryptocurrency capital" to Irkutsk. By the way, if you are a miner, you will like to be there. The price policy for electricity there is 11 times cheaper than in Singapore, and almost 25 than in France. In addition, free space for a large farm is not a problem. Local miners build their data centers in the premises of abandoned factories, and climatic conditions contribute to the cooling of miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details


2. Crypto-Virgins on Baikal

Local art keeps pace with digital innovations. At the beginning of 2017, thematic graffiti began to be made to popularize cryptocurrency in the city. One of the most popular drawings are the "Amazons", which are jokingly called crypto-virgins. This drawing depicts several women with mining tools in their hands against the backdrop of Baikal landscapes.


3. Astro-, crypto-predictions or modern fortune teller

Svetlana Serebrennikova is a local Irkutsk seer and fortune teller. After actively crypto promoting, the witch (as she calls herself) began to accept payments in Bitcoins. Probably, this is the first case of cooperation between the virtual and the astral.


4. Author's paintings for 1ETH

A local artist, Irina Malashkevich, calls herself a crypto-artist. Her works is entirely devoted to cryptocurrencies and, of course, she also sells them for digital money. As it became known, already two works by Malashkevich were sold at 1 ETH for each.

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5. "And we don’t need heating either..."

Local miners told and showed how to bask in the harsh climatic conditions of Irkutsk without heating. Today it is the first crypto house in the world. Dmitry Tolmachyov and Ilya Frolov became the authors of the "crypto house". Miners insulate the house with cryptocurrency farms and Asics, which, thanks to high heat emission, effectively heat the dwelling.


6. What can you buy for a crypto in Irkutsk?

Nobody will be surprised at the Central Market of Irkutsk by payments in Bitcoins. For cryptocurrency, you can buy even fresh meat. Local saleswomen are happy to offer the address of their crypto-wallet and wait for the transactionTransaction
– is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out completely. Details
, and then a satisfied buyer can pick up the goods. In addition, in the crypto capital, digital money is accepted in cafes, barbershops and restaurants. For example, the local bar "Incognito" hung a corresponding sign: "The representative of Satoshi Nakamoto smokes a hookah here."

This is the life in the cryptocurrency capital of Russia!

Editor: Alyona Nabok

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