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Steve Wozniak spoke about his positive attitude towards Bitcoin and crypto

Steve Wozniak spoke about crypto and Bitcoin
Steve Wozniak spoke about crypto and Bitcoin

One of Apple’s co-founders, Steve Wozniak, spoke about his positive attitude towards Bitcoin, and appreciated the great potential of digital gold. This is not the first public statement of Wozniak about crypto. Last year, Apple’s co-founder several times called Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency system "amazing" and expressed confidence in the potential of digital money.

February 26th Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. in an interview with Bloomberg Markets and Finance, spoke about the positive attitude towards cryptocurrency and the blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
system. During the interview, Wozniak spoke with Youssef Gamal El-Din, an editor at Bloomberg.

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Wozniak about the future of crypto

In addition to a positive assessment of the potential of cryptocurrency, Wozniak also expressed his opinion on the price of crypto and the factors that influence its formation. According to the investor, the price of Bitcoin primarily depends on the psychological factors of society.

Confirming his point, Wozniak cited the example of the last Bitcoin growth incident last year. Then the cryptocurrency rose to $ 20,000, although it predicted 40,000. The fact that the first cryptocurrency did not rise to the predicted level is the outcome of investors' psychological distrust of new technologies.

"Then there were assumptions and predictions that Bitcoin will grow to 40,000 dollars, and he rose only to 20,000 (...) Can we now believe that the cryptocurrency will burst or disappear?"

Steve Wozniak also commented on today's drop-in prices and the collapse of the cryptocurrency market. He does not associate such phenomena with "crypto imperfections."

"In fact, this is not a fall, but an insignificant reduction in value, which is an element of large-scale investor creation (...) In a cryptocurrency investment environment, psychological factors such as trust play a significant role."

Recall that Wozniak has repeatedly said that he has crypto in his wallet. But in his interview, he said that he did not consider cryptocurrencies as a way of investing or additional income. According to the co-founder of Apple, he uses Bitcoins as a payment method, "as intended."

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"I have been experimenting with Bitcoin and crypto on new devices for a long time, as with the method of payment."

Well-known investor and engineer Steve Wozniak said he was positive about Bitcoin and crypto. Recall that over the past few months, several well-known entrepreneurs have already expressed positively about the blockchain and the crypto system. For example, Elon Musk spoke about Bitcoin, and Mark Zuckerberg spoke positively about the blockchain system.

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