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Apartment in Burj Khalif can be bought for Bitcoins

Burj Khalif: Apartment for Bitcoins
Burj Khalif: Apartment for Bitcoins

In Dubai, you can buy an apartment in the highest houses in the world for Bitcoin and Ethereum. This was reported by the Emaar Properties developer, which once built the famous Burj Khalif.

You can buy for cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. BTC and ETH will be credited directly to Emaar Properties at the central office in Dubai. Pre-order an apartment in any of the EP buildings can be done online, there is no need to contact managers to pay for crypto-payments.

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UAE – apartments for crypto

According to the developer, the company used the services of a digital broker, which became Bitcoin Suisse, one of the public Swiss companies. Recall that Bitcoin Suisse AG is a big company that has been working with digital money since 2013. The main office is in Zug, Switzerland. Company activities: brokerage and financial services, miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
and payment gateways for banks.

Representatives of Emaar Properties stated that it is possible to buy an apartment for Bitcoins or Ethers in any with 30,000 properties owned by the company. According to the information, you can buy a ready-made apartment, or invest cryptocurrency in the "construction" of the object.

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Apartments in Burj Khalif can also be bought for Bitcoins. Recall that this is not the first company that sells housing for cryptocurrency. Last year, developers in the Netherlands and the United States began selling homes for cryptocurrency.

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