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Auction of confiscated cryptocurrency

Auction of confiscated cryptocurrency
Auction of confiscated cryptocurrency

From February 28 to March 1, the Wilsons Auctions (Ireland) will sell the cryptocurrency that was withdrawn from the Belgian darknet, as was reported on the Wilsons website.

On February 18, the site of the Wilsons Auctions posted an article about the sale of crypto-coins, which were confiscated in Belgium during the investigation of drug trafficking through darknet.

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Wilsons Auctions – sale of confiscated cryptocurrency

Among the lots presented are: Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH) and BitcoinGold (BTG). The total cost of cryptocurrency that is offered for sale is equivalent to 300 thousand pounds sterling. In total – 315 crypto-coins.

According to the information on the auction site, all sold crypto will be divided into several lots. Bitcoin lots will be in the amount of from 0.5 to 4 BTH. Speaking of two other crypto-assets, lots will be with fewer coins.

Aidan Larkin, Wilsons Auctions' Group Asset Recovery Manager, commented on a crypto-auction: "We are very pleased to have received the first contract with the Belgian federal government for the sale of arrested cryptocurrency, which allows us to open up new investment opportunities and attract a new audience of customers."

Recall that the Asset Recovery Department for Wilsons Auctions Group officially cooperates with 17 countries of the world. Among the lots offered for sale are cryptocurrency assets, premium cars, designer products, antiques and jewelry watches.

Sale of cryptocurrency will occur in online and "physical" mode. According to the Wilsons website, a "physical" auction will take place at 6 pm, February 28, at a branch of the auction company in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

"We (...) understand that by simplifying the process of buying a cryptocurrency, putting it up for auction, like any other asset, and offering different value of lots, we make cryptocurrency available to everyone, welcoming new buyers and experienced investors" – Aidan Larkin, on the Wilsons Auctions website.

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Bitcoin for auction – auction of confiscated cryptocurrency in the north of Ireland. Recall that Wilsons Auctions is a leading auction company with more than 80 years of experience, which cooperates with many countries of the world, as well as conducts global online auctions.

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